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Size : 18 x 21 cm ( paper : 18 x17 cm )

Paper Material : andezvous paper 210g

The Amount of Paper : 30 pages

2019.Jan - 2020. Jan. 

Every month, We put in unique photos of SuriNoel family, and illustrations by Mrs.Butler.

Let's take a trip with 'IZ'
Tired daily life, too hot summer...
When you need a break,
With Iz wearing Hawaiian shirts,
I feel like I can leave everywhere.


The Amount of Paper : 192 pages

Paper Material : vellum paper 120g 

Cover : Hard cover

There are a bunch of natural routine photos during this year.

Every page has full-color photo of surinoel family.

"Good job today."

After a busy day,
Time to complete a daily routine with the diary.
 we hope that you have a happier time with Surinoel's family.


Sizd : 10 x18 cm

Amount : 2 sheets

This is two types of stickers on the table calendar that show the cute illustrations of the SuriNoel family.



ⓒ 2018 SuriNoel